Potato yields in Finland

The Finnish Natural Resources Institute has published statistics of the 2020 potato yields. The questionnaire was sent to half of all Finnish farms, which grow potatoes for consumption and industry on an area over 5 hectares. The average potato growing area was 25 hectares per farm. The latest statistics reflect the amount of stored potatoes in mid-October.

The potato area decreased about 3 % from 2019. The amount of potatoes in storage is however on the same level than last year, as the good growth conditions resulted in bigger crops. The average crop was 32 tons per hectare. The total amount of stored potatoes in mid-October was 204 000 tons, of which 163 000 tons were table potatoes. In 2019 the respective figures were 203 300 tons and 167 300 tons.

The amount of table and industry potatoes in storage in mid-October (orange) and mid-January (blue) since 2011: