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Luonnosta Finland was established and is owned by potato farmers in Finland.

An essential part of our culture and founding principles is to work in close cooperation with local farmers and produce growers and their trading companies, and to ensure that they are true business partners, treated in a fair and professional manner.

We operate through a network of customers and suppliers throughout Europe and stretching into the UAE, South America, and parts of east and west Africa. With the main trading company based in Finland, and subsidiaries in the Netherlands and UK, we have achieved both presence and recognition widely in the international branch.

To achieve this, we work with professional suppliers and assure the supplied products match the right quality and required specifications. We strive to ensure a more level playing field for suppliers and do our best to offer the best possible solutions to various products.

Luonnosta is a well-known brand throughout Europe.

Exotic produce

Luonnosta has a sister company, Tanzanice Agrofoods Ltd, in Tanzania. Tanzanice has established and educated a network of some 350 smallholder farmers through which it sources organic avocados alongside other exotic fruits and vegetables. Luonnosta takes care of the sales and marketing of the products in Europe and Middle East. Tanzanice has a packing house and head office in Njombe, as well as an office in Dar Es Salaam. Certification includes GLOBAL G.A.P., GRASP and organic certification.

Luonnosta also has a pool of suppliers in Kenya, as well as some network in South America.

We work in close cooperation with Cool Control BV, in Holland, who takes care of customs, logistics, storage and quality analysis of our imported goods.

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Video of producing avocados in Tanzania by Tanzanice Agrofoods Ltd

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